Nevada Opportunity Scholarships

A Parent/Guardian wishing to apply for an Opportunity Scholarship (formerly known as the Education Choice Scholarship) needs to submit an application with any State of Nevada qualified Scholarship Grant Organization (SGO). We encourage you to apply to all the organizations because if one runs out of funds before your child is awarded a scholarship another may still have funds available. The SGOs listed below are for students anywhere in the state of Nevada. There is a $25.00 application fee per organization. The student must also be a member of a household that has a household income within 300% of the federally designated poverty level.

Be sure to check each scholarship awarding entity for dates they will begin accepting scholarship applications and closing dates. This will ensure that you submit your paperwork on time. These scholarships are granted on a first come first serve basis.

D.O.R.S.  (Diocese of Reno Scholarship)

D.O.R.S. is a scholarship opportunity available through the Diocese of Reno.  The maximum amount is $2,000 per family and would be awarded to one student in the family.  In order to qualify for this scholarship, you will need to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application and show a calculated need on the verified application.  

 Other Scholarship Opportunities

Little Flower is also awarded scholarship opportunities through entities such as Kremer Foundation, for any other scholarship opportunities, including D.O.R.S. an application through FACTS Grant and Aid is required.  The application must be completed and verified no later than April each year.  Below is the link to apply.  Please note, there is a $35.00 application fee. 



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