Parent Volunteering

Guided by the example and teachings of Jesus, and in partnership with our parents, we assist our children in growing as servants, scholars, leaders, and witnesses to Christ.

Involved parents are vital to the educational success of students at Little Flower School.

We actively encourage parents to participate in school events, including:

  • Providing volunteer services and assistance for activities that support a healthy learning environment;
  • Fundraising activities and events to benefit the school and community;
  • Social activities and events for students and their families which promote the values of a Catholic-based education and strong school community.

How to Enter Your Parent Hours

Each family attending Little Flower School is required to complete 25 parent volunteer hours each school year. Hours can be completed by volunteering in the classroom, assisting with sporting events, donations, school events, etc. Any and all hours need to be entered in our Parent Hour system to be counted. Each parent is responsible for entering their own parent hours, not the event coordinator.

  1. Log into your Family Portal account:
  2. Once logged in, go to Family tab on the right hand side. Next, go to Family Home. Select the Parent and in the right hand corner you will see Service Hours section

Please select an activity from one of the drop down menus on the Parent Hour page. Then enter your hours at the bottom of the form. If your activity is not listed, please select “Other” under “Other Donation/Event.” Be sure to click the “Submit” button on the bottom of the form so our hours are recorded. Thank you.