Faculty & Staff

The Little Flower faculty and staff are an extremely talented and knowledgeable group of educators; their expertise and understanding of children and learning drives school improvement.

Little Flower’s school boards, administration, and faculty and staff engage in an effective governing process that helps the school achieve strong Catholic Identity, maintain high academic standards, and create an environment that welcomes and serves all children.

Rev. Paul J. McCollum
Pastor, Little Flower Church

Annie Diloreto

Mrs. Annie Diloreto

Roxana Gutierrez

Mrs. Roxana Gutierrez
Vice Principal & 6th – 8th Grade Math

Mrs. Jibben
Office Manager

Mrs. Terri
Administrative Assistant

Mr. Curry
School Resource Officer

Ms. Katie Deaser

Mrs. Katie Deaser

Mrs. Debbie Solari
1st Grade

Mrs. Natalie Alvarez
2nd Grade

Mrs. Katie O’Toole
3rd Grade

Mrs. Shannon Garner
4th Grade

Julie Bland

Mrs. Julie Bland
5th Grade

Ms. Sara Enos
6th Grade Homeroom, Honors English Literature

Mrs. Mary Perry
7th Grade Homeroom, 6th – 8th Grade Religion

Mrs. Amy Nielson
6th – 8th Grade Literature & Language Arts

Mrs. Mandy Flocchini
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th – 8th Grade Science

Mr. Keith Lightfoot
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th – 8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Mike Evans
K – 8th P.E., 6th – 8th Honors Math

Mrs. Kristine Richter
K – 8th Computer Science, Yearbook

Mr. Rafael Arevalo
K – 8th Grade Spanish

Mrs. Dolisa Winkelman
K – 5th Grade Art

Mr. Sam Bexon
Learning Coach

Mrs. Marika Horwood
Classroom Aid, Before & After School

Mrs. Maria Martinez
Classroom Aide, Third Grade

Mrs. Griggs
1st Grade Aid

Mrs. Carol Wilkins
WCSD Title 1

Mr. Catarino Martinez

Mr. Phfister
Pacific Mist Music

Additional Faculty and Staff (not pictured):

Mrs. Jennifer Swezey (jswezey@littleflowerschoolnv.org), Librarian