Giving Back

We are hopeful you will join us in this important mission to expand & renovate the school. Please consider a sacrificial and meaningful gift for you over the campaign’s three-year pledge period.

About Your Donation

Case Statement

Why are we conducting a capital campaign?

We are conducting a capital campaign to raise money to expand and renovate the parish school so that it will be adequately equipped to serve the existing student body and future generations of children.

What are the greatest benefits of this project?

The addition of a multi-purpose room will have a tremendous impact on the members of both the school and church. The school will utilize the gymnasium/multi-purpose room as a lunchroom, a gym, a venue for performing arts, dedicated space for CYO sporting activities, and to host other events. Likewise, the gymnasium/multipurpose room will provide church members a much-needed space for its youth-group activities, meetings and large events. The new and renovated classrooms will significantly improve the quality of education for students and create
additional meeting space for church groups.

Why are we doing the campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic?

These are unprecedented times. While there is understandably a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in the world, the needs and mission of Little Flower remain urgent and unchanged. We recognize that not everyone will be able to financially support the campaign at this time, however, we want to give everyone the opportunity to invest in Little Flower, however they are able.

Who will be asked to support the Capital Campaign?

All school families, alumni, and church members will be asked to invest in the future of Little Flower and the generations of children that it will educate and evangelize. In addition, community leaders, foundations and local businesses will also be invited to support the campaign.

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