2019 – 2020 Books and Beyond
​“Medieval Times: Reading Empowers Leaders”

Books and Beyond, Little Flower School’s annual reading incentive program is starting soon.  This program is designed to motivate students to read. Our theme this year will be “Medieval Times: Reading Empowers Leaders.” We challenge all students to participate.  As before, books read as class assignments will count toward the Medieval Time Program.  However, it is our hope that students will scan the world to read outside of school, too.

The program will begin on Monday, December 2nd.

As each merchant achieves higher statue, his/her progress will be displayed on “Medieval: Reading Change the World” bulletin board. Each grade will have its own game piece. After reading the required number of books or pages, a merchant will receive incentives (see the back of this paper).  For grades K-2, 10 books must be read in order to move up in stature. For grades 3-8, 200 pages must be read in order to move up in stature.  A merchant who avenges at least king and queen by January 18th will be recognized with completion certificates at the awards celebration during the Royal Ball.

Merchants are encouraged to use their medieval skills in the LFS library.  Therefore, each month we will choose two special authors: one for primary grades and one for intermediate grades.  Merchants who check out one of these books will receive a special incentive for each book they have read.  Show your book to a guard, Mrs. Swezey or Miss Jacqueline, to receive the special surprise.

Some deadlines to meet in order to receive prizes:

  • Peasant: level 1 must be completed by January 10th to earn a “Costume Pass” for January 17th.
  • Kings and Queens must be avenged by February 28th to earn a “Royal Ball Pass” for the awards celebration on Wednesday, March 19th.

Please feel free to contact us at adiloreto@littleflowerschoolnv.org if you have any questions. Read-A-Thon Record Sheets can be downloaded from the below links or ask your teacher.   Merchants, use your reading powers to change the world!!!

Annie Di Loreto, Lori Schweinfurt, Mrs. Swezey, and Jacqueline Swezey